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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spicy Flower Canapés


Fudges Fiery & Flavoursome Jalapeño Melts  - or similar spicy cheese biscuit
(I'm not on commission I just love them). 
A good quality goat's cheese - a log rather than a round one;
Homemade wild garlic, nasturtium and mustard pesto;
A selection of savoury and spicy edible flowers. Here we used wild garlic, spicy radish, rocket, cress and mustard flowers. 

Rocket flower

Slice your goats cheese into thin slices and add to the cheese biscuits.

Add a generous dollop (technical term) of homemade wild garlic pesto.

Scatter with a selection of savoury and spicy edible flowers - from your garden or from here. Buy savoury and spicy edible flowers

Mustard and wild garlic flowers

Radish flower

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